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Mersey Paradise - Liverpool, a Small City With a Big History

By Adam Singleton
Most places on earth are synonymous with at least one thing. If one was to play a word association game with the cities of the world, then Paris would undoubtedly derive the Eiffel Tower, Rome the Colosseum and London the Queen.

60's British Blues

By Kevin Charles Scott
In a post war Britain the most popular style of music was dance bands, "big band" style. This developed into the "revivalist' jazz movement. They drew inspiration from the 20's jazz players like Jelly Roll Morten and singers like Bessie Smith. They paved the way for Black Blues musicians to tour Britain.

History Of The ESP Guitar

By Johnny Stall
The first ESP Guitar was made in Japan in 1976. The ESP Company (Electric Sound Products) actually started up a year earlier but only provided guitar replacement parts at that time. ESP guitars and replacement parts continued to be sold exclusively in Japan for nearly a decade before moving into the U.S. market. In 1983 their replacement parts were made available in the U.S and in 1984 their guitars made their American appearance.

Brandmarks, Branding and Bands - From One-hit Wonders to a Superbrand Bands

By Alexander Greyling
Many bands have achieved superstardom with the help of proper visual branding. The combined physical appearance of the members forms the visual symbol and imagery of a band. The image of the Beatles at the start of their career, with their distinctive and uniform pudding-basin haircut, wearing suits in stark contrast to the image of every other aspiring musician at the time, was a clever ploy that their manager Brian Epstein used to set them apart visually and draw attention to the group and their music.

The Magic of the Rolling Stones

By Victor Epand
This article looks at the life and music of the band, The Rolling Stones. It includes information about individual members.

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